December 2008

Last Act” Forever Knight


When an Nicks old vampire friend Erica commits suicide by quietly sitting on a park banch and waiting for the sun to come up, he does not know what to think. “Erica loved life more snapshot200812301359361than anyone I knew,” he says. Now he begins to think she had the right idea and considers joining her. While Jannette stays cool about the whole matter, Natalie passionatly tries to convince him his life is worth living.

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“Be My Valentine” Forever Knight

Lacroix takes notice when Natalie gives Nick a Valentine gift . Now he wants to take Natalie away from Nick! Tune into this episode and see Lacroiz at his most romantic… Natalie at her most beautiful… and Nick pretending not to be jealous of any of it. Watch Online now!

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snapshot200812241231457 Notice: From now on shows will be not be posted on YouTube any longer. This is because hey have signed up with an outside agency to police things, and now everyone’s accout is getting deleted faster than ever.

The story on this is here

It does not even matter if you have copy righted material. People are getting their accounts deleted based on who their friends are, what their favorites are, or what is in their playlist.


Episodes will be posted on sites like Tudou, which is conventional Flash video, or perhaps on one of newer DivX sites which offer the best quality. Please be sure your computer is DivX compatible by intstalling the plug-in on this page.

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