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Allok Software ALL + Serial

 iPod Tools
 Allok Video to iPod Converter
 Allok Video to PSP Converter
 Allok Video to 3GP Converter
 Allok Video to MP4 Converter
 Allok MPEG4 Converter
 Allok 3GP PSP MP4 iPod Video Converter 

Video Conversion Tools
 Allok Video to FLV Converter
 Allok MOV Converter
 Allok QuickTime to AVI MPEG DVD Converter
 Allok RM RMVB to AVI MPEG DVD Converter
 Allok AVI to DVD SVCD VCD Converter
 WMV to AVI MPEG DVD WMV Converter
 Allok AVI MPEG Converter
 AVI MPEG WMV RM to MP3 Converter 

DVD Creator Tools
 Allok Video to DVD Burner
 Allok AVI DivX MPEG to DVD Converter  

Video Editor Tools
 Allok Video Splitter
 Allok Video Joiner 

Audio Conversion Tools
 Allok MP3 to AMR Converter


you can only convert till 5 minutes :O this is crap
Thanks, works GREAT!
virus ——- trojan
well it works perfect for me.. and no theres no trojans if ure saying its too small to have so many programs or something then try it yourself it works
Theres no virus, i use some of these softwares befroe and they rock!
wazabi says that all torrents are virus
This is an excellent download. You can select the programmes you are interested in and install them. Each facility has a username and a serial No.
I have installed 3 with 100% success – No Trojans! and I am very impressed. Many thanks
gret download
Allok video joiner works great, good upload.
Good software, thanks m8.
cheers works perfect…

“The Code” Forever Knight


Schanke hates Toronto winters, so when an old cop buddy of his offers him a lucrative job in Arizona it sounds too good to be true, right? Could it be because he was about to solve a drug case someone doesn’t want him to figure out? That is what Nick and Natalie think. Will Schanke accept a payoff, or will he stay true to his policeman’s code?

Watch now on Tudou because YouTube won’t allow it!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]


Happy New Year!

“The Fire Inside” Forever Knight


Someone has been burning up homeless people with a flamethrower, so now they have taken shelter bebeath the street and only come out at night. Nick understands what this kind of fear is like and wants to help. With the aid of Schanke they go searching for the homeless people to rescue them, but now they are also targets of the flamethrower killer .

Watch Online now, at Tudou because YouTube bites big time and deletes too many files.

 [Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]










Last Act” Forever Knight


When an Nicks old vampire friend Erica commits suicide by quietly sitting on a park banch and waiting for the sun to come up, he does not know what to think. “Erica loved life more snapshot200812301359361than anyone I knew,” he says. Now he begins to think she had the right idea and considers joining her. While Jannette stays cool about the whole matter, Natalie passionatly tries to convince him his life is worth living.

Watch Online now, at Tudou

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

“Be My Valentine” Forever Knight

Lacroix takes notice when Natalie gives Nick a Valentine gift . Now he wants to take Natalie away from Nick! Tune into this episode and see Lacroiz at his most romantic… Natalie at her most beautiful… and Nick pretending not to be jealous of any of it. Watch Online now!

View Here

snapshot200812241231457 Notice: From now on shows will be not be posted on YouTube any longer. This is because hey have signed up with an outside agency to police things, and now everyone’s accout is getting deleted faster than ever.

The story on this is here

It does not even matter if you have copy righted material. People are getting their accounts deleted based on who their friends are, what their favorites are, or what is in their playlist.


Episodes will be posted on sites like Tudou, which is conventional Flash video, or perhaps on one of newer DivX sites which offer the best quality. Please be sure your computer is DivX compatible by intstalling the plug-in on this page.

DivX Plug-in install here

The official Nabolister search page is here

My Nabolister page is here


“Sons of Belial” Forever Knight Season 3

Nick and Tracey witness an exorcism, and then Nick becomes infected with the demon. Now, Lacroix must take Nick to get exorcized in “Sons of Belial” showing next on Tudou!

Click here to view…

[[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

Thin, the Documentary

This movie has been moved to Tudou, to watch it you just click here…

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

The official Nabolister page for the movie is here

The official IMDB page for this movie is here

A complete article on the film, many details, is here

I think this about covers it. The flash player on Tudou should be compatible with just about anyone’s computer. If you have trouble viewing it leave a comment or PM me. Best Wishes Everyone